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The Natasha Helfer Podcast

Jan 8, 2022

Natasha Helfer apologizes in regards to comments she has made in several podcasts/presentations that have implications for asexual folx. Symmetry Solutions panel discusses further. 
"In attempting to encourage people to consider sexual oppression from pleasure-averse, sex-negative cultural backgrounds and sharing my clinical lived experience in regards to the questions I receive from primarily female clients questioning a possible asexual orientation, I have made comments that without proper care & contextualization delegitimize asexuality and could be weaponized by people from our community in not believing or taking seriously those who identify as asexual. I apologize for my missteps and commit to better languaging and contextualization in the future, as well as the continued ongoing education I regularly participate in as an AASECT certified clinician. I ascribe to queer theory and best standards of care, which support ethical spaces where neutral self discovery is offered in affirmation of self determination & authenticity, especially in the areas of sexual orientation and gender identity."
-Natasha Helfer
“A Little Book of Ace: learning more about asexuality” by Clara Dehlin
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