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The Natasha Helfer Podcast

Dec 20, 2023

Natasha interviewed Evelyn Hornbarger who was just declined from being able to sing in a Latter-day Saint (aka Mormon) Christmas Eve event at her local congregation. We discussed how difficult it is to face these kinds of community rejections due to shifts in belief, especially in light of the Church often preaching unity while so often ostracizing so many of us who still want to be involved. Make sure to give us a listen. I also invite you to subscribe to the podcast on YouTube and all the other spaces you find your listening pleasures (ie Spotify, iTunes, etc).
Evelyn Hornbarger has a bachelor’s degree in English literature (Brigham Young University), and a Master’s degree in public health (New Mexico State University). Mothering five awesome children, Evelyn has had a wide range of experiences to navigate - including her own religious deconstruction in order to effectively understand and support her transgender son. Through her personal education in caring for her children, Evelyn is a voice of loving and celebrating humans.
In her personal time, Evelyn loves to be outside and creates connections out of history, relationships, poetry, birds, and beads. She and her husband, Ian, are currently raising their family in San Antonio, TX.

This podcast addresses many topics around mental health and sexuality and may not be suitable for minors. Some topics may elicit a trigger or emotional response so care for yourself accordingly.

Intro ("Fisher's Hornpipe") and outro by Otter Creek

Podcast edited by: Ashley Pacini