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The Natasha Helfer Podcast

Dec 20, 2022

This episode was previously recorded for the Healing Sols Podcast and has been refurbished here for your enjoyment.

On this episode of the Healing Sols Podcast, Natasha is joined by Sarah Bridges, a certified lactation counselor and founder of "Latch On, Latch Off." She has her own YouTube channel where she offers support to the many tricky aspects of being a parent of an infant:
Sarah describes many of the common challenges, misinformation and pressure/expectations that can cause unnecessary pain, self-blame, and relational/sexual problems. She does a lovely job of interweaving her own challenges and vulnerabilites as she faced being a new mother and offers some good suggestions on how to get the information and support needed to heal and empower yourself as a parent or a couple in regards to the very common life stage of "after the baby." Sarah offers online breastfeeding classes and other resources and can be reached at:
Great listen... please share with those you know may need support in this time of life which can be equally beautiful/difficult.
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