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The Natasha Helfer Podcast

Jan 18, 2023

I got the opportunity to speak with Dr. Nicole Prause about this important topic that affects so many people coming from high-demand and conservative religious communities. She has been paramount in helping my understanding throughout my career, especially in the dangers of conceptualizing sexuality through an "addictions" lens. She has some new research out where they looked at online "support groups," run by unqualified people that, not only offer tons of misinformation and unrealistic expectations for young men but also, incite violence.
Dr. Nicole Prause is a licensed psychologist and a neuroscientist researching human sexual behavior and the physiology of sexual response. Her research has played a pivotal role in helping us understand that hypersexaulity might be better understood as a "non-pathological variation of high sexual desire", rather than an addiction. She is also the founder of Liberos LLC, an independent research institute. She states on the Liberos site: “After ten years of research at universities, I found myself caught between the prohibitions of my institutions on crucial research and the free-for-all poor science behind products in the marketplace. There must be a compromise that uses strong science to inform sexual health for the public. Liberos is my answer.” Dr. Prause is currently back at UCLA at the department of medicine as a senior statistician.

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Podcast edited by: Ashley Pacini