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The Natasha Helfer Podcast

Jan 25, 2023

I sat down with Dr. Tina Sellers about the unfortunate legacy Christianity has with Sexual Shame. With both of us having backgrounds in faith traditions, I believe we share a distress that certain religious communities can't seem to find more sex-positive and effective approaches to such an important part of the human experience. We discussed the history and ramifications of sexual shame and some approaches people may find helpful in reframing these things in their lives. 

Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers is a licensed sex and gender feminist psychotherapist, best-selling author, researcher, emeriti professor, and media personality whose expertise spans sex therapy, spiritual intimacy, parenting, medicine, and social justice. Her revolutionary perspectives have been expressed on platforms such as “Spirituality & Health,” “Refinery 29,” “Vocal,” “Medium,” and “Bust Magazines,” along with many podcast, radio, news, and TV outlets. Known for exposing the impact of patriarchy and sexual shame on our ability to securely attach to our partners, and instruct our children to attach to theirs, Dr. Sellers’ book, “Sex, God, & the Conservative Church – Erasing Shame from Sexual Intimacy,” has had a global impact. Her latest book, “Shameless Parenting – Everything You Need to Raise Shame-free, Confident, Kids and Heal Your Shame Too!” was a New Release Bestseller in eight categories. She speaks throughout the world on how to heal, and how to raise shame-free relationally confident children. In 2015, Dr. Sellers left her academic position of 28 years to found the Northwest Institute on Intimacy, a post-graduate institute to train psychotherapists, educators, clergy, and physicians in sexual health and understanding their sexual biases. Most do not realize that these professionals do not get sexual health training in graduate school. Since our ability to do pleasure and connection is core to our happiness, it is critical that all professionals serving public health and wellness receive this training. 

Dr. Tina can be followed on Instagram @DrTinaShameless.


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Podcast edited by: Ashley Pacini