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The Natasha Helfer Podcast

Oct 19, 2019

Thank you for listening to Mormon Sex Info. This episode is an archived episode and is only now becoming publicly available. Mormon Sex Info relies on contributions. To contribute, please visit:


Due to the support LDS LGBTQ+ members currently need, this interview discussing the harms of reparative/conversion therapies will be co-released with Mormon Mental Health and is available at no charge. Natasha Helfer Parker interviews James Guay, a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who grew up as a pastor’s son in an evangelical community and went through reparative therapy as a young man to try to change his sexual orientation. They discuss the harms that LGBTQ+ people face in homophobic environments, which often includes religious and family systems that claim they are loving and accepting, and conversion therapies. They also touch on resources and strategies that families, ecclesiastical leaders and individuals themselves can tap in to in order to prioritize mental health and general wellbeing.

James Guay is an LGBTQ Affirmative Psychotherapist in West Hollywood, working primarily with LGBTQ youth, adults and couples since 1996.  Besides co-leading annual workshops for gay men at Esalen in Big Sur, California, he also films frequent psycho-educational videos on topics such as coming out, communication skills, and creating boundaries. The James and Heather Show

James testified in the California State Capital successfully advocating for them to ban the psychologically abusive practice of Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE) on LGBTQ youth by licensed therapists.  His passion is to prevent other LGBTQ people from having to endure the harms of religious homophobia and conversion “therapy” that he had to survive. James has served on the Board of Directors for Gaylesta (The LGBTQ Psychotherapist Association)AAMFT-CA (The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, California Division) and is currently on the Board of Directors for CAMFT (The California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists).

Resources mentioned during the podcast:

Family Acceptance Project

LDS Booklet

Families are Forever Documentary

Mama Dragons

Mormon Spectrum: LGBTQ Resources

Ending Conversion Therapy: Supporting and Affirming LGBTQ Youth

Mormon Mental Health Association Position Statements
Mormon Stories: One Gay Married Mormon Man’s Attempt at Reparative (Conversion) Therapy
National Center for Lesbian Rights
Born Perfect Campaign

My Hellish Youth in Gay Conversion Therapy and How I Got Out

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