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The Natasha Helfer Podcast

Dec 28, 2022

Cami Hurst's original research looks at "Outcomes for women who consent to unwanted sex in long-term relationships" which sheds new light on understanding and treating low sexual desire for adult women. Cami is a licensed therapist with a private practice in Meridian, ID. She is an AASECT certified Sex Therapist, and just completed her doctoral work in Clinical Sexology. Cami is one of the founders and current president of ISHP (Idaho Sexual Health Professionals Association). She is also the podcast host of "Sex Therapy 101". As a therapist, educator, advocate, and researcher, Cami is passionate about sexual health through the lifespan. 

To find out more about Cami, visit her website:


To see her work on Consent to Unwanted Sex, check out her Presentation:

And her dissertation:


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Intro ("Fisher's Hornpipe") and outro by Otter Creek

Podcast edited by: Ashley Pacini