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The Natasha Helfer Podcast

Oct 23, 2021

Disclaimer: Natasha originally recorded this podcast for her Healing Sols podcast.

Natasha has a serious conversation with Analiesa Leonhardt, DNP. Analiesa is a nurse midwife, has worked a doula and has a Doctorate in Nursing from the University of Utah.

Analiesa’s recent facebook post about the current legislation in Colorado(Prop115) limiting abortion after 22 weeks – 7 caught Natasha’s attention.

Analiesa educates about the moral and ethical implications of such a measure as it relates to a woman’s ability to make decisions, especially when facing the devastating news that the fetus has grave medical complications that would not allow the fetus to live after delivery.

She has a thoughtful and knowledgeable approach to this topic as she shares statistics and information that are invaluable in making informed decisions regarding the polarizing topic of abortion.